• The research is supported by a grant of the Russian Science Foundation


The results of the work on the analysis of the problem were tested at 5 international and all-Russian conferences. In order to discuss the results of the first stage of the research, two seminars on the psychology of global risks were organized and conducted within the project: the seminar “Global risks: psychological and social aspects” (Russian International Affairs Council, Moscow, December 6, 2018; http://russiancouncil.ru/news/kak-perestat-boyatsya-i-nachat-reshat-globalnye-problemy-seminar-rsmd-po-vospriyatiyu-globalnykh-ris/) and the seminar “The Psychology of Global Risks” at the All-Russian Jubilee Scientific Conference “Problems of Social and economic psychology: results and prospects of research" (Institute of psychology, Russian academy of sciences, Moscow, December 7, 2018; http://www.ipras.ru/engine/documents/document13354.pdf).

Materials and reports on events are posted on the IP RAS website (http://www.ipras.ru/cntnt/rus/media/on-layn-bibliote/knigi1/nestik-t-a-juravlev-a-l-psiholog.html), as well as on the Internet portal of this research project: http://www.globalrisks.ru.

The results of this stage of the research are presented in the text of 29 publications: 5 papers in WoS journals, 23 papers in journals and collections of articles of the RSCI, as well as 1 author's monograph.